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Agile Training

In the late 1990’s several software development methodologies began to get increasing public attention. Each had a different combination of old ideas, new ideas, and transmuted old ideas. But they all emphasized close collaboration between the programmer team and business experts; face-to-face communication (as more efficient than written documentation); frequent delivery of new deployable business value; tight, self-organizing teams; and ways to craft the code and the team such that the inevitable requirements churn was not a crisis.


Business Analysis Training

Hands-On Business Analysis training from Agile Raven can help you build the “Skills Bridge” which allows organizations to cross the chasm between IT and Business. Fully endorsed by the IIBA & PMI, our curriculum of hands-on business analysis training courses will help prepare professionals of all levels for business analyst suceess and certification. From converging data/process modeling, project scope definition, and business requirements gathering, development, and testing, Agile Raven has the most comprehensive business analysis training curriculum. We focus on real-world skills development, providing tools and techniques you will use immediately.


Data Training

The skills to manage and analyze your organization’s information are fundamental to success. Whether it’s Excel to manage everyday data needs, or Hadoop and scalable clusters for big data, we offer a complete curriculum of hands-on, skills-driven data training. In just a few days, you can rapidly upgrade your data capability into a new source of competitive advantage.

These days, anything stored digitally qualifies as accessible data. With the right approach, it can translate into significant business value. However, unconventional new definitions of data combined with sheer quantity overwhelm conventional systems. By definition, managing and analyzing “big data” is beyond the capacity of legacy systems, but with the advent of Apache Hadoop, opensource technology now exists to efficiently store and analyze almost limitless data. At the same time, traditional tools like Excel and conventional modeling are more valuable than ever.

The courses below represent the most critical knowledge areas for tapping the potential of both “big” data and “little” data. Browse the topics below, or call us for guidance from a live training advisor: (408) 792-7073.


Google Marketing Training

With Google Internet Marketing training from Agile Raven, you will get hands on experience with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and all the tools that help you more effectively utilize these Google properties. Our Google Training courses will help you get up-to-speed on: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Webmaster Tools, and many more to come!


Internet Marketing Training

No matter who you are or what your business does, the way you market it has drastically changed over the last few years. Whether you are looking to get the most return from your online advertising, increase revenue through email marketing, engaging with your customers through social media, or just looking to get to page 1 of search results, we all are being forced to rethink our marketing plans and strategies.


Leadership Training

Do you ever wonder why traditional leadership techniques don’t work with 20- and 30-somethings?

Do you know what does work well with millenials?

Come find out — Agile Raven’s leadership classes are designed for helping Generation Y lead other members of Gen Y as well as those GenXers and Baby Boomers.

Stop trying to lead like your dad! Join the 21st century leadership revolution.

Why just manage, when you can LEAD!


Microsoft SharePoint Training

Microsoft SharePoint training products and services are encouraging widespread change in the way companies harness collaboration and workspace communication. With browser-based document management and collaboration platforms, organizations can now host sites that access shared workspaces and documents via browser, as well as specialized applications like wikis and blogs. These web-based collaboration tools allow drastically increased efficiency of shared resources. Agile Raven offers complete training in Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). Explore the SharePoint training courses below to determine the training path most appropriate for your organization.


Project Management Training

PMI® has recognized Agile practices as complimentary to the PMBOK® as evidenced by the Agile Practitioner Certification (PMI-ACP). On April 29, 2009 Ken Schwaber (co-inventor of Scrum) stated that the best ScrumMasters are typically experienced project managers and that Scrum + PMBOK is the best way to manage projects. In April of 2008, Dr. Jeff Sutherland (the other co-inventor of Scrum) also stated that Scrum + PMBOK is the best way to manage projects.


Scrum Certification Training

Scrum is the agile development process that allows teams to deliver usable software throughout the life of a project, absorbing change and new requirements as the project proceeds. Learn more about Scrum, Scrum certifications, our Scrum training courses, and why you should choose us as your training provider.


Software Testing Training

From the earliest stages of test planning to verification, validation, and product release, our software testing courses teach a brick-by-brick approach to best practices and high-level quality. Our instructors are seasoned professionals with many years of real-world testing experience.